In many ways, cleaning products and equipment are one of the last things that I want to spend money on. However, with my cleaner of some 5 1/2 years having left, I thought that a clear out of the housekeeping cupboard and some new cleaning products might just give me sufficient enthusiasm to get on with the Spring clean.

So out went the old cloths, mop head and odds and ends of cleaning products, and off I went in search of some new cleaning products.

It will come as no surprise to those who know me that I do not like plastic anything. I don’t even like the look of e-cloths, although I do buy them because they are so effective and even I am not willing to sacrifice effectiveness for the sake of style. I am however sure they could bring out a range that looked more like striped ticking fabric??

Anyway, moving on, I plumped for a traditional looking long handled feather duster by renowned German brush maker, Redecker (I bought the one pictured for about £35 from David Mellor) and a wool and bamboo duster (£22) by French brand Perigot, a brand now stocked by John Lewis. I also have a Perigot mop, for which I have just bought a replacement head after two years of use, and which you can also buy at John Lewis. The great thing about this mop (which they actually call a ‘squeegee broom’) is that as you push the mop away from you it cleans with the sponge and as you bring it back towards you, the chamois side of the sponge dries the floor a little so that it is not left soaking wet.

In terms of cleaning products, I wanted something effective but importantly, non-toxic. My favourites are from Danish brand Maison Belle. However, I have not used them since John Lewis stopped stocking this brand a few years’ ago, as sourcing them elsewhere meant paying hefty shipping costs. Over the last few years I have therefore tried other non-toxic brands that are widely available, which were okay, but not great. That was until I discovered the John Lewis House range of cleaning products, all of which are non-toxic and available online as well as in-store. My particular favourites are the Daily Granite Cleaner (which unlike the product it replaced, does not smear and kills germs as well as polishing up worktops a treat); the Daily Glass Clean Spray; the Daily Kitchen Spray and the Daily Wood Spray. They all smell lovely, albeit that the Granite Cleaner is perhaps a little too overpowering in the floral sense – everytime I walk into the kitchen I keep thinking that there must be a freshly cut vase of Sweet Peas. My only other criticism, as per some of the online reviews, is that while attractive to look at, the containers are fairly flimsy and just picking a full bottle up when the nozzle is in the ‘open’ position results in an inadvertent squirt of liquid. I would however hope that as so many people have pointed this out in online reviews that it is something that John Lewis will resolve. And by coincidence I have just noticed that there is 25% off the full House cleaning range until 4 April. So no excuses for not getting on with that Spring Clean!

I have also been lusting after a long handled dustpan and brush for quick or emergency sweep ups, and have fallen in love with this one from Iris Hantverk, which has the advantage of being a very good looking piece of kit, especially if it is something that will be left out on show. It is again available from John Lewis, which is great for me being out in the sticks as I can simply order online to collect at my nearest Waitrose the next day – easy!

Do you have any favourite cleaning products that look good as well as being effective? If so, I would love to know about them.

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