The must have coat for Spring

Despite living in a country where the summers could hardly be described as warm, and despite feeling the cold, I have always had far more summer clothes than winter ones. I think this is because although experience (and good sense) tells me otherwise, as Spring arrives I get carried away with the promise of a hot summer as … Continue Reading

Playing dress up || The easy crown making guide

The children have to wear crowns to school tomorrow to celebrate the 90th birthday of Her Majesty. After running through a few ideas with them, they decided that they would like a more modern take on the crown, and would like it to involve feathers and sparkle! Although I was relatively organised in terms of buying … Continue Reading

It’s a steal || The must have ring from H&M

With the exception of a Prada lookalike skirt that I bought about 13 years’ ago, I have never had much success in H&M – no doubt in part due to the fact that the closest store to me is a small regional concession that seemingly carries narrower stock lines than the more appealingly ones featured in the … Continue Reading

This week I am eating || Hake in a bag

I am now back at my desk after the Easter holidays. It has been a funny mix of weather but lovely to be at home with the children playing outside for hours on end (an endless game of horses and stables but without any actual horses, or for that matter stables, involved – what more … Continue Reading