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As readers of earlier posts will by now know, I aim to eat natural healthy foods, without added sugar, refined carbs or processed food for about 80% of the time. I also eat very little dairy. There are now so many fabulous recipes out there for clean and healthy foods, that I genuinely enjoy eating this way such that the only thing that I have really found hard, particularly in times of extreme stress (which for various reasons seems to have applied to pretty much all of the last two years), is not eating sweets and other sugary snacks.

My saviour has therefore been the discovery of smoothies using raw cacao to give that chocolate taste that I miss so much. This banana and cacao smoothie is so good that it satisfies my sweet tooth without the guilt normally associated with sweet treats, and has even made a fairly extreme dietary regime that Mr SITS is now on for health reasons, bearable. While a banana is, let’s face it, still sugar albeit in its natural form, I do admit to indulging most days, and if I am having a really bad day, I sometimes have two!

It is particularly good this time of year in lieu of an ice cream.

There are many recipes for this sort of smoothie, but having played about with different combinations my recipe is as follows…


Ingredients for one large smoothie or two small ones (personally I can easily consume a large one to myself and so if I am making this as a pudding for both me and Mr SITS, I just double the quantities):

  • 150ml unsweetened almond milk
  • One heaped teaspoon of almond nut butter
  • Two teaspoons of raw cacao powder
  • One large ripe banana
  • Around 3 ice cubes

Simply put everything in a blender (I use a NutriBullet) and whizz together until smooth, then sit back and enjoy…

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