Spring Cleaning

In many ways, cleaning products and equipment are one of the last things that I want to spend money on. However, with my cleaner of some 5 1/2 years having left, I thought that a clear out of the housekeeping cupboard and some new cleaning products might just give me sufficient enthusiasm to get on with … Continue Reading

Housekeeping || The Pantry Cupboard

As anyone who knows me will attest to, I am a little (well okay, more than a little) OCD. It is not that I enjoy spending my time tidying up, but I love order at home as it makes me feel calm and better able to cope with the chaos of juggling work/children/life. I will also admit … Continue Reading

Decorating a child’s room

In lieu of presents and a party, for her 9th birthday my elder daughter wanted a bedroom makeover to replace the tired looking Cath Kidston-esque decor from when she was two and a half. The furniture was to remain unchanged but the paint colour, soft furnishings and bedding were all going to be new. It was not … Continue Reading

Luxe for less

Pre-children I spent a fortune on bedlinen – mainly from Yves Delorme, which I must say is of exceptional quality and the linen that I bought over 10 years ago is still going strong despite weekly washing (520 washes to be exact!). However, since having a far lower budget to spend on bedding (and well, … Continue Reading