Hi, my name is Deborah – it’s great to meet you!

I am a wife, mummy and part-time lawyer trying my best to lead a healthy life, particularly as age becomes a bigger number, but still with a big weakness for eating Nutella straight out of the jar (in one go if it’s been a bad day)…

My real passion after my family has always been creating a living environment and experiences that appeal to the senses and wearing clothes that make me feel as good as I can on any particular day. This has nothing to do with materiality or keeping up with the latest whatever – instead, it is simply because I find that my surroundings, how I live and what I wear, all very much affect how I feel in myself and therefore my well-being, and I believe that this is the same for others too. I remember even as a young child the delight of re-arranging my bedroom and stacking books and arranging nic-nacs in a different way to give a different look and feel to the room (aka ‘styling’) – this is something that I have continued to enjoy ever since, whether in relation to styling homes or events or creating a theme for a children’s party. Once immersed, I am oblivious to anything else going on around me.

I cannot believe that I am alone in this or that I am the only one who looks forward to the latest home magazines hitting the doormat to take in the photos of others’ homes and holiday destinations… or enjoys fantasy house-hunting online, looking at every detail of a property and imagining how I would change things around. Hence the reason for starting this blog.

I appreciate that ‘style’ is subjective and that mine will not be to everyone’s tastes. However, this blog is not about imposing my style or the things I like upon anyone – instead I like to think that in the same way that I can appreciate others’ styles even if they are not for me personally, that you might enjoy, and even be inspired by, the musings and ideas on this blog, on everything from styling clothes and interiors to entertaining and places to go. I am also a firm believer in style over fads and fashion, at whatever budget and in whatever size of home – you can channel style no matter how small your space if you let your eye rather than a label rule your decisions – believe me, I have been there!

The name of the blog comes from the fact that I now live in the countryside. However, it is not limited to rural style as I can be just as much a city girl as a country one (albeit one who is always ultimately relieved to return to the calm and beauty of the countryside!) and I collect inspiration from everywhere I go. I believe that I would make many of the same choices on styling my home, going out, what I wear and what I eat if I were still living in a city.

I have no idea where, if anywhere, this blog may lead but I look forward to going on this journey with you…

…everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was…

Richard L Evans

Deborah SITS Sign-off